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A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

Check out Dr. Jim Amos’s post about the continuity of care between psychiatry and psychotherapy. http://jajsamos.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/point-your-mouse-to-psychotherapy-blog-with-thanks-to-elena-s-bennett-lisw/ The relationship between mental health caregivers is an incredibly important gap to bridge.  My thanks so Dr. Amos for being a pioneer in this arena.

How to Have an Emotionally Supportive Argument

Do you ever have an argument or discussion with your partner and think, ‘I have no idea what to say right now’ or ‘I’m so mad that I can’t even hear you’?  This post is meant to help guide you through a difficult conversation and manage feelings between you and your loved ones.  I will […]

Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are marketed as a happy time of year, and they may be for some people, but for many the holidays are a very difficult time.   The holidays are full of nostalgia and visions of a perfect family which can bring up feelings of loss and sadness for those who did not have idyllic […]

Depression’s Best Friend Anxiety

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand. In fact, I’m convinced that it is nearly impossible to have one without the other. It is the way that they manifest that throws people off. For example, a woman says, “I feel depressed and can’t get out of bed. Then my husband comes home and I just […]

Honest Conversations About Mental Health

How do you begin to talk about mental health, depression, addiction, and anxiety?  So much judgment and negativity surrounds the mental health profession, oftentimes discouraging people from seeking help.  I am a therapist in Austin, Texas, and I am writing this blog to dispell myths about therapy, talk openly about the problems that I see, […]