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What is Co-Narcissism?

If you’re having an, “oh great, one more thing to worry about” response to the unfamiliar word “Co-Narcissism,” you’re not alone. I am not a proponent of inventing and loosely wielding new psychological problems, diagnoses, and concerns for people seeking help and understanding through their interpersonal conflicts, low self-esteem, and a myriad of other problems […]

A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

Check out Dr. Jim Amos’s post about the continuity of care between psychiatry and psychotherapy. http://jajsamos.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/point-your-mouse-to-psychotherapy-blog-with-thanks-to-elena-s-bennett-lisw/ The relationship between mental health caregivers is an incredibly important gap to bridge.  My thanks so Dr. Amos for being a pioneer in this arena.

Honest Conversations About Mental Health

How do you begin to talk about mental health, depression, addiction, and anxiety?  So much judgment and negativity surrounds the mental health profession, oftentimes discouraging people from seeking help.  I am a therapist in Austin, Texas, and I am writing this blog to dispell myths about therapy, talk openly about the problems that I see, […]