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Humor and Happiness

Humor and Happiness by Dr. Jim Amos.  A good read and a medical perspective on the importance of laughter and humor.

The Austin Community Grieves

The death of a young woman in the early hours of New Year’s Day in Austin, Texas has shaken the community.  Esme Barrera walked home from a New Year’s celebration and was murdered in her home – she was 29 years old.  Two other women were attacked on the same night, one in her home […]

Therapy Demystified: It’s All in the Relationship

In the presence of darkness, we break, we wound, and we crumble inside; in the presence of kindness, openness, and love we heal with one another. When asked what my “style” of therapy is, I spout an eclectic mixture of therapies like “psychodynamic, supportive, and relational psychotherapy,” but I truly believe that the most important […]

A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

Check out Dr. Jim Amos’s post about the continuity of care between psychiatry and psychotherapy. The relationship between mental health caregivers is an incredibly important gap to bridge.  My thanks so Dr. Amos for being a pioneer in this arena.