A Valentine’s Day Must-Watch!

International author, therapist, and speaker Esther Perel always offer a diverse perspective on relationships, sex, and “erotic intelligence” so I was excited to see her featured on the Ted website.  Her Ted Talk, entitled “Esther Perel: The secret to desire in a long-term relationship,” offers a short refresher course on the origins of relationships, attraction, and our evolution into 21st Century monogamy.  I highly recommend Esther Perel’s material, including her book, “Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence.”

If you are not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a constant reminder of how everyone else is in love, therefore you should be too. For those of you who are nauseated by the explosive pink decor and continuous cycle of flower deliveries, perhaps this video can serve as a reminder that even those in relationships work to maintain physical and emotional connection, attraction, and sustained interest in one another. Revel in the fact that the vast majority of people (coupled, single, men, women, straight, gay, old, young…) will end up in the same place tonight: watching t.v. in their pajamas and eating candy.  Also, remember that tomorrow is February 15th a.k.a. not Valentine’s Day 🙂

Take good care.

And thanks, Esther!  www.estherperel.com