Miss Representation

Gratuitous cute baby picture of my niece, who will grow up to be a woman before we know it!

I see a lot of women in therapy.  Most of them come to me with ideas about their bodies, minds, personalities, or other various features that are not true.  I usually begin with a discussion of who gave them the message and evaluate whether that message is true.  For example, for what reason would your mother tell you that you are overweight?  How would you know that she’s correct?  Or incorrect?  Investigations into our immediate environment are critical to overcoming self-worth issues.

We then segue into a conversation about the media, our culture, and their combined impact on the self-esteem of women.  I have difficulty approaching this subject because it is abstract, but I recently had the pleasure of viewing Miss Representation, a film that describes exactly how, when, and why we are programmed to feel the need to be “perfect.”

A film recommendation for ALL women!  Miss Representation.