About the Blog

I see a diverse set of clients but there is a distinct human connection between them all.  This connection has given me insight into overarching issues that affect people in society.  This blog is intended to address issues that commonly come up in therapy and increase the reader’s comfort level with seeking help from a professional.

The blog will never discuss the content of any client’s therapy session because I must protect the confidentiality of every client.  I honor the relationship between the client and therapist and respect those who trust me enough to tell me their stories.

To learn more about me, visit the Sol Associates website.

To contact my supervisor, Steven A. Milan, LCSW or to learn more about clinical supervision visit the Sol Associates, PLLC website or call 512.589.5164.

**This blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional psychotherapy or medical treatment.  Readers who follow and comment do not imply a therapeutic relationship.  Readers should not construe any of the writer’s comments as therapeutic, medical, or personal advice.**

4 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. My I ask what would be the important qualities to look for in a therapist? I am currently on the hunt for a therapist to help me work on dealing with my Bipolar Disorder I. I’ve tried several therapists through out the years but have never found one I was happy with. I seem to pick the kind that are un-comitted. Like my last one. Every session she would ask why I was there, what I suffered from and what I wanted to work on. I believe she never once re-visited my file before a session. Each time I felt just like a brand new client. That one and the one before were ready to retire and were clearly burned out and could really care less. Being that my Self-confidence and learning to be assertive were two of my top goals I feel I was taken advantage of since neither of them made any effort and I always felt worse after the session than before it.

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